Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 I've got this crazy habit to google countryside homes. And sometimes, feel-good places like these,  are just irresistable and welcoming to look at.

26 sept. 2004


The day she came home she looked something like a "tiny furball that just rolled out of a mud-pot". A lhasa apso breed, 40 days old, white and blonde mix fur color, and dark brown eyes, big eyes. Because of the mud-pot description I just gave, she was obviously given a (very delicately-handled) bath;  delicate handling because we were'nt exactly sure as to "how" to bathe a dog!  We realised that was her first ever bath because she shivered and whined like crazy.

And thus we welcomed our first dog to the family.

Incident :
Okay, this was'nt exactly an "incident". However for the sake of the sub-heading, here goes. We lived in an apartment when tweety-pie(by the way we named her that) arrived. I locked us both in my room that night. I get woken up in the middle of the night when my dog stands there, by the side of my bed, pawing me. Maybe she thought I was dead. Or she needed food. Or water. Or Toilet? (Dogs and "toilet"? yeah,I know!!). I would've looked like a freak, moving around pointing out the above said, to the dog.None of those. With the least bit of midnight sense that I had, I realized (after the 56th pawing) that she wanted to get out of the room. I let her out and she dashes into the room where my parents sleep, takes a good look at them and returns back. The rest of the night involved many sessions of "letting the dog in and out of my room".

From then on, she's been walking about in our house, with an  "I own this house" attitude.


Days went by and she continued to walk around , looking up and smiling at everyone (I meant that. She wears a cute smile all the time). As all other pups, she was a jumpy little playful kind. The amazing part was, she knew exactly how to let us know what she wanted, I've never seen dogs being so expressive. Whether she wanted to play, or food or was upset with anything she found the best ways to show it.

Incident :
Like dogs her age, (and kids), she had this irresistable necessity to chew things. She kept biting legs of tables and chairs. To avoid such "mishappenings" we got her toys, the squeeking ones. She was well satisfied. Now she had chairs and toys to chew. And then the craze for crushed paper. She goes all hyper when she hears paper being crushed and wants it immediately. So now, she chews paper too.

Days go by, we get very well adjusted with our wonderful new companion, and I get back to my studying without anymore of the "wow I got a dog" distractions. I however forgot the fact that there was a paper crazy thing walking around in my house. Result : I leave my textbook at "dog's reach", come back in an hour to find my handsome little dog sitting on top of torn pages of my textbook, scattered all over the floor. Quite satisfied; she just found herself a whole book full of papers to chew.


I think this is supposedly a "dog thing". They just shiver the hell out of fear when they hear the sound crackers or thunder. And so does our hero of the story. In addition there is climbing onto our lap (and they say lhasa apso is'nt a lap dog) or anything atop.

She's six now, and big sister to our second arrival, a labrador, Kiki. And the be continued.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Among the best College labs

Education just can't get any better than this. Listing some of the best colleges that give a real life experience.

1. Missouri University of Science and Technology

Career: Industrial demolitions
Learn to: Blow things up extremely well

2. Northern Kentucky University: Barton Lab

Career: Geologist
Learn to: Study Martian living conditions here on Earth

3. University of California at Merced: Dawson Lab

Career: Marine biologist
Learn to: Dive with jellyfish

4. New College Florida: Peruvian Amazon Field Course

Career: Rainforest biologist
Learn to: Follow rare animals up 150-foot trees

5. University of Florida: Lightning Research Laboratory
Career: Building lightning-resistant objects
Learn to: Catch lightning—millions of volts of it

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sinister cat

There are two kinds of people in this world : those who love animals and the rest who don't. And then there are those who belong to the "I don't really mind them but I'll freak if they come near me"  kind.

I was in my friend's house a few days ago. For a quick introduction, we've known each other for four years, she hates cardamom, she recently curled her hair that ended up looking straight and she belongs to the third category.

So we got all set to do some studying as we had our exams coming around. She went to her room, as I behind her, stopped by the table to drink some water.

Suddenly, a shrill screaming voice came from her room. Half expecting to find an armed man in there and also hoping that my dear friend is safe, I rushed to her room.

As I was searching for the "armed man", I found her standing on top of her bed while a white cat ran out through the door I had just opened.

Confused, perplexed, tensed. I could see all these expressions on the face. The cat's face. As for my friend, I knew she was'nt dead although she had a "I got struck by lightning" expression.

Days go by as I still cuddle my lovely dogs and she tries getting used to many more of the cat's "surprise" visits.

The updated cat status : Her sisters have managed to get her "permission" to feed the frequent visitor. Also, the cat is no longer called "cat", but snowbell instead. For some wierd reason, it became snowbelle, soon after.

Personally, for my friend, she'd rather call it "sinister cat". For three well justified reasons:

Reason #1: 
The cat just stares at her for no reason, probably making up it's mind "to pounce or not not to pounce" on her. In her words, "stares like a sinister". You might ask, "How the hell does a "sinister" stare?" No idea.

Reason #2:
The cat frequently "meows" at her (what else will a cat do!?!) and runs around her legs when in the kitchen. Sinister or hunger?

Reason #3:
The cat ate a squirrel (which she didn't see, her sister did). Truely a sin. Welcoming the new generation of cats; they don't eat rats anymore !

Friday, September 17, 2010


I am just trying to find the right words to explain my state of mind. And I hit onto this.(from here).

So I'll just leave it with the graph.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What are we paying for?

Before I get to that; a pre-ramble.

I have just realized; all that mugging up of the"oh-so-historic-preeminent" plays and poetry in our early days of education, does not come to a total waste. Well, as they say, education is "preparing the child for the future".

So when I looked around at the people at home today, I realized I was literally staring at three stages of life at the same time. Stages as in the(recalling from the past : english lesson in standard VI)  "Seven stages of life" by William Shakespeare. There they were, my parents in their late forties; my grandparents; and I.

William Shakespeare

...And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow....
And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lin'd,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part...
.....Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion;
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

And now, jumping to the title .

This part of the post is called "Education : a total waste".

For the 456th time I saw the ad again. "Buy 1 get 1 free" placed on top of some 2l coke bottles. And sure enough there's a rise in purchase.

If people out there realized that soft-drinks can take a toll on their health, I guess there would surely be a drastic decline in the obesity cases ; a huge decrease in kidney failures and you'd probably have better looking teeth than those half-corroded, yellow ones.

Getting a 2-litre soft-drink for half the price can seem to be the best bet, but is it?

A majority of those who feed on this very well know the hazards too. Maybe some things taste good just because it's bad for you?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heart of life : #1

Sights Of the Eye

It was five in the morning. On every other day she went for morning walks at the Eisser park where a friend joined her. But today she had other plans. And excited she was, of the big day ahead. She opened her diary, a book of reminders and "to-do" lists. A visit to the newly opened GUCCI store read Plan A followed by three different parties and a movie to finish the day.

She climbed on to the back seat of her car at ten. The bright sun was still making her uncomfortable; despite the air-conditioned car.

She knew without doubt,  that it would easily eat away hours of her time the moment she stepped into the fashion store. Sure it had, when she came out two hours later carrying more bags than her fingers could count.

The traffic played spoilsport as usual and she was late for the party. To make things worse, there were beggars tapping at the window when cars stopped for red light. This was a regular, but today it just added to the irritation when a girl stood by her car vigorously tapping at the window, with expectant eyes.


She must have been around five years old. Her dark brown hair, uncombed and dirty, outlined her pale face. She looked peaceful in her sleep under the plastic-sheeted roof, probably having a sweet dream. Not even the roaring traffic horns awakened her.

Probably a common thing life has taught her to get used to. Life on the footpath, on the roadside is such, and much worse.

Her mother had two girls to look after, she being the eldest.

Waking up to the harsh sunrays hitting her dark brown eyes, she looked around searching for her mother. There she was, cooking their morning food. They had two meals each day, or none at times, depending on how much money they got per day, and any left over wood for fuel to cook upon.

She was tired today. Her bare feet were swollen because of the hot roads she had to stand on. And she hated to beg.She still remembered the first day when her mother took her by the hand, walked her towards all those cars that stood on the roads when the traffic light turned red. And today she did it again. She would do it tomorrow.And the day after.

She tapped vigorously at the window of a black car, with expectant eyes.