Wednesday, September 29, 2010

26 sept. 2004


The day she came home she looked something like a "tiny furball that just rolled out of a mud-pot". A lhasa apso breed, 40 days old, white and blonde mix fur color, and dark brown eyes, big eyes. Because of the mud-pot description I just gave, she was obviously given a (very delicately-handled) bath;  delicate handling because we were'nt exactly sure as to "how" to bathe a dog!  We realised that was her first ever bath because she shivered and whined like crazy.

And thus we welcomed our first dog to the family.

Incident :
Okay, this was'nt exactly an "incident". However for the sake of the sub-heading, here goes. We lived in an apartment when tweety-pie(by the way we named her that) arrived. I locked us both in my room that night. I get woken up in the middle of the night when my dog stands there, by the side of my bed, pawing me. Maybe she thought I was dead. Or she needed food. Or water. Or Toilet? (Dogs and "toilet"? yeah,I know!!). I would've looked like a freak, moving around pointing out the above said, to the dog.None of those. With the least bit of midnight sense that I had, I realized (after the 56th pawing) that she wanted to get out of the room. I let her out and she dashes into the room where my parents sleep, takes a good look at them and returns back. The rest of the night involved many sessions of "letting the dog in and out of my room".

From then on, she's been walking about in our house, with an  "I own this house" attitude.


Days went by and she continued to walk around , looking up and smiling at everyone (I meant that. She wears a cute smile all the time). As all other pups, she was a jumpy little playful kind. The amazing part was, she knew exactly how to let us know what she wanted, I've never seen dogs being so expressive. Whether she wanted to play, or food or was upset with anything she found the best ways to show it.

Incident :
Like dogs her age, (and kids), she had this irresistable necessity to chew things. She kept biting legs of tables and chairs. To avoid such "mishappenings" we got her toys, the squeeking ones. She was well satisfied. Now she had chairs and toys to chew. And then the craze for crushed paper. She goes all hyper when she hears paper being crushed and wants it immediately. So now, she chews paper too.

Days go by, we get very well adjusted with our wonderful new companion, and I get back to my studying without anymore of the "wow I got a dog" distractions. I however forgot the fact that there was a paper crazy thing walking around in my house. Result : I leave my textbook at "dog's reach", come back in an hour to find my handsome little dog sitting on top of torn pages of my textbook, scattered all over the floor. Quite satisfied; she just found herself a whole book full of papers to chew.


I think this is supposedly a "dog thing". They just shiver the hell out of fear when they hear the sound crackers or thunder. And so does our hero of the story. In addition there is climbing onto our lap (and they say lhasa apso is'nt a lap dog) or anything atop.

She's six now, and big sister to our second arrival, a labrador, Kiki. And the be continued.

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