Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heart of life : #1

Sights Of the Eye

It was five in the morning. On every other day she went for morning walks at the Eisser park where a friend joined her. But today she had other plans. And excited she was, of the big day ahead. She opened her diary, a book of reminders and "to-do" lists. A visit to the newly opened GUCCI store read Plan A followed by three different parties and a movie to finish the day.

She climbed on to the back seat of her car at ten. The bright sun was still making her uncomfortable; despite the air-conditioned car.

She knew without doubt,  that it would easily eat away hours of her time the moment she stepped into the fashion store. Sure it had, when she came out two hours later carrying more bags than her fingers could count.

The traffic played spoilsport as usual and she was late for the party. To make things worse, there were beggars tapping at the window when cars stopped for red light. This was a regular, but today it just added to the irritation when a girl stood by her car vigorously tapping at the window, with expectant eyes.


She must have been around five years old. Her dark brown hair, uncombed and dirty, outlined her pale face. She looked peaceful in her sleep under the plastic-sheeted roof, probably having a sweet dream. Not even the roaring traffic horns awakened her.

Probably a common thing life has taught her to get used to. Life on the footpath, on the roadside is such, and much worse.

Her mother had two girls to look after, she being the eldest.

Waking up to the harsh sunrays hitting her dark brown eyes, she looked around searching for her mother. There she was, cooking their morning food. They had two meals each day, or none at times, depending on how much money they got per day, and any left over wood for fuel to cook upon.

She was tired today. Her bare feet were swollen because of the hot roads she had to stand on. And she hated to beg.She still remembered the first day when her mother took her by the hand, walked her towards all those cars that stood on the roads when the traffic light turned red. And today she did it again. She would do it tomorrow.And the day after.

She tapped vigorously at the window of a black car, with expectant eyes.


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Anjana said...

this is too gud! manirathnam movie story line!!!gud job:)