Monday, September 20, 2010

Sinister cat

There are two kinds of people in this world : those who love animals and the rest who don't. And then there are those who belong to the "I don't really mind them but I'll freak if they come near me"  kind.

I was in my friend's house a few days ago. For a quick introduction, we've known each other for four years, she hates cardamom, she recently curled her hair that ended up looking straight and she belongs to the third category.

So we got all set to do some studying as we had our exams coming around. She went to her room, as I behind her, stopped by the table to drink some water.

Suddenly, a shrill screaming voice came from her room. Half expecting to find an armed man in there and also hoping that my dear friend is safe, I rushed to her room.

As I was searching for the "armed man", I found her standing on top of her bed while a white cat ran out through the door I had just opened.

Confused, perplexed, tensed. I could see all these expressions on the face. The cat's face. As for my friend, I knew she was'nt dead although she had a "I got struck by lightning" expression.

Days go by as I still cuddle my lovely dogs and she tries getting used to many more of the cat's "surprise" visits.

The updated cat status : Her sisters have managed to get her "permission" to feed the frequent visitor. Also, the cat is no longer called "cat", but snowbell instead. For some wierd reason, it became snowbelle, soon after.

Personally, for my friend, she'd rather call it "sinister cat". For three well justified reasons:

Reason #1: 
The cat just stares at her for no reason, probably making up it's mind "to pounce or not not to pounce" on her. In her words, "stares like a sinister". You might ask, "How the hell does a "sinister" stare?" No idea.

Reason #2:
The cat frequently "meows" at her (what else will a cat do!?!) and runs around her legs when in the kitchen. Sinister or hunger?

Reason #3:
The cat ate a squirrel (which she didn't see, her sister did). Truely a sin. Welcoming the new generation of cats; they don't eat rats anymore !

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