Friday, October 22, 2010


Every once in a while comes by something that gets you profoundly intrigued. And by large, it creates that rare occassion to become selfless, yet inspired. Only, the nature of person that you are and what aspects of life, to you, really count, are the true essence of how often it happens.

Each of us in this world's stage is a story. Exquisite stories of the same genre, life. While it will easily take beyond our lifetime to read each story, there are a few that time holds back to narrate, while we write our own. And then there are those, so much more than just a "story", that 'influence' ours.

What really makes it so special is that added fragrance of innocence brought together with a moral, or simply, a realization.

And most of us only tend to learn from such true stories, because as the human race claims, we only let influence that which has proof of existence.

There are times when we look out for such intriguing life(stories) , not because it just earned itself a billion dollars; but because it is simple yet deep.

So stories or the likes of Kevin Skinner,

 are not just incredulous. The message is clear. It might be a conundrum, this life. But it's not really arduous to just be.

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