Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nature talk

This has been long due. But it kind of came up while I was browsing, so here it is. I've always admired these.

Venus flytrap

The carnivorous plant that eats and digests insects. The trapping mechanism is really brilliant; the leaf ( picture below) closes if the prey comes in contact with a hair; and another hair within 20 seconds. This time period until the second contact,  is to avoid unnecessary closing of the leaf, thus avoiding trapping with no nutritional value. More here .


The world's largest flower, it weighs 11 kgs(approx). The plant has no stem, leaf or roots. The flowers look and smell like rotting flesh, hence the local name, corpse flower or meat flower.

from inside

The smallest flowering plants on Earth, it weighs as much as two grains of salt. These are aquatic.

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