Monday, October 25, 2010

Street art

So you walk down the road one fine morning, and at some point you find yourself approaching a huge, really deep concrete hole, that looks more like a well dug man-hole; and worse, you see two people, their hands desperately reaching out to you, sucked right into it.

Or maybe, another day, when you walk down the street, you suddenly find a huge coke bottle rolling towards you. And you are not having these nightmares in the middle of the night, with an owl hooting in the background. What do you do?

Look again. These are some insane 3D paintings on the pavements. The paintings above, are the works of Julian Beever, a chalk artist. He uses the concept of anamorphosis to bring such 3D effects.

One other street artist is Edgar Mueller. Paintings like the Lava burst(below), was done in 5 days, working 12 hours a day and his world record painting, the Ice Age covered nearly 330 square meters in Westfield, London.

For the love of anything "art", this cannot be missed.

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Haritha said...

wow !! amazing :)