Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book review - THE LAST CHILD by John Hart

If you are looking for a light evening read when you are leisurely lying on a very comfortable bed, holding a book under a dim-lit lamp, then this is not your choice. It's an "on-the-edge-of-the-seat", "heartbeat-racing" thriller that might totally go against that setting.

This is one of those extremely rare books that can literally steal your mind away to a different world; show you the insights of the depth of emotion entangled in a completely arduous life.

Simply said, this is'nt a simple story. Complexity in terms of detail; every bit of it plays an immense role in adding that final touch of significance. The book is tagged with words like "rare", "sensational", "intriguing" and "deep".

A well-knitted sequence of events  that structures the entire plot beautifully, it deserves atleast a single read.

The story revolves around Johnny Merrimon, who sets out to look for his missing twin sister. It takes a 13-year old like him to keep up the faith(even after a year since the abduction) on finding Alyssa Merimmon, when everybody else, including the police have given up. The way he handles the events henceforth, his fragile mother and yet another abduction of a classmate advances the climax to the end. Characters like Detective Clyde Hunt, the only person who looks out for and believes in Johnny , and Levi Freemantle melt the heart furthermore.

A book that pays all its dues to be certified a "gripping thriller".

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