Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Another hush winter morning, early and dark. Fingers hugged the warmth of the porcelain mug. After a moment's pause, I turned the page, and scrawled again. A slight stir under the chair, across the room. She was restless, my dog. There was a whiff in the air, strangely familiar. She sniffed again, took a deep breath, and fell asleep.

I got back to gazing at the white in front of me. The scribbles got blurred. The mind travelled away, to a lighter side of life. Where wishes come true and the world's colored brighter. The spirit rides high in elation, it's like an escape to eternity.

I opened my eyes to the sound of wings. I saw my dog peering through the window, upright on two legs. She loves the birds, probably a fascination to fly. My legs felt stiff, it's been a while on that chair. I walked to the kitchen and placed the empty mug. The void air carried the scent of morning breakfast. I walked around, flexed my legs. And there she was, still peering out.

I walked to her, and peeped out. I held my breath. There was a lump on the window ledge. It was pink and small. There were two squabs, cuddled together. The front pointed and black, a slow movement in the middle. It was breathing. The eggs have hatched, finally.

The next few minutes witnessed many more heads gaping over the nest. Humans can be naively funny, such events bring about really wierd remarks.

"Wow..It's a miracle"

"It's breathing"

"Oh, see there's the beak."

"...and the wing, it's so tiny."

Juniors, welcome to the world.

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Blognostic said...

Viewing creation of life, is indeed a wonderful moment. :)