Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of You and Me

Somehow, I live in an empty world
just me, alone, away, bored
a choice, I still persist to choose
an invisible life, my world of muse.

Invisible it was, my life and I
In my own world, till you came by
how did you know I was worthwhile
to be your friend, to make me smile.

Have had some friends, come and go
but it wasn't me they claimed to know,
it didn't matter, it never did
I was well away, beneath my shield.

Vivid memories of life gone by
without you, this is all a lie
you turned my life to mighty moments
and I travelled with you to the depths of bliss.

All I had was me and life,
relations that made no meaning or rhyme,
now here's a choice I'll always choose,
you, my friend, my kind of muse.

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