Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Week's Musical

I've reached a point from self contradiction,
to a state of denial dressed in satisfaction
have had some talks; arguments for sake,
some here, some there; left promises at stake
what's to come, or to ever become;
from a cake or two, than from a few bread crumbs.
My drug that kills the axiety beneath
nothing that burgers and fries can't beat,
at Pitstop again, I hogged last week
in a corner seat for two, enjoying my treat.
And talkin' of that day, I dropped by her den,
a crazy cat owner, a dear old friend.
 my flu caught up, since the morning mist
that put me to bed for the day and the next.
have since been around, got sights to ponder,
of huts, brick stove, salesman's wonder,
cow by a tea shop, foreigners by a street phone,
the queer green roof atop a broken home,
mighty moments of a journey on road,
of life, it was a journey I rode.

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