Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Coffee

Long left forgotten. Against the polished window, that mirrors its stance. Hush words linger around, hardly reaching the white walls. Yet, those words make a sound sense of the worthless wait. Sense indeed, that it is worthless.

There is the room, two racks, and then a couch. Nothing has changed since the day before. Nothing except the moments, lost; moments of warmth wrapped in those hands.

Reflections painted the glass wall. Those that aroused the need to beckon. Rushing through the inert air, the dense aroma weighed around the lingerer on the phone. Stop. A silent glance at the brew by the window. An anticipating moment, a foot stepped forward. On second thoughts, said the look on the eye, maybe not.

One more try, or maybe more, again through the void air. An efforted attempt at a loss, it did not matter anymore. All that remained was a lifeless reflection, still by the window, a coffee gone cold.


Sourav said...

Too subtle and yet very expressive, if one understands the essence!

"All that remained was a lifeless reflection, still by the window, a coffee gone cold!"

Tell me, you think a lot; right?

lines n shades said...

glad you liked it.. thank you :)

a search for deeper meaning.. does that count as "think a lot"?