Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mellowing down in sweetness ( again )

My bookshelf beckoned me today, and I found myself lifting up O Henry's 100 stories collection. I opened the classic to the contents, thumbed through the list on the non-white pages and settled to read Witches' Loaves. It was a simple, light hearted read like most other O Henry stories, that casually advanced to an unexpected ending. 

O Henry is an obvious favorite; scent of aged, crisp, tanned,  printed pages is another favorite. However my choice of story today, was only because I knew there would be words of baking and bakery mentioned. This might sound a little insane; or a lot, I think. It's an attraction I cannot resist. There is a thing between me and anything " bake-related ". And that " thing ", only we both will understand. I have a weakness for french bread; an even severe weakness for muffins and cupcakes. Sometimes, a lot of my muse is surrendered to it.

For a little history, cupcakes are also called fairy cakes in british english. Before muffin tins became available, they were baked in ramekins or molds, hence the name cup cake.

I have given up trying to stop accumulating cupcake mouthfuls into my system. It just doesn't work. Well it does work, like I mentioned here the last time, but not for long.

photo credit : pure & yummy

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