Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yellow Crown

There she stood,
on the cold forest floor, 
rooted forever,
to a feckless living. 
Spending years of time, 
like the rest around, 
lined along the forest lake.  

And then one day,
from faraway, high,
came a hope, a reason
some kind of "light";
rays, so bright, yellow and gay,
like a hand held out, as if to say,
"Reach out for me, and Ill be there."

A wait, a while, and then some time,
witnessed her feel, the fading glow.
She swung around, looked up and down
searching, wishing it lasted long.
Silent waves of air
brushed by, while she stood there,
numb, in the night.

As years went by,
she grew, sky high;
reaching out, in the days of light.
When those around, looked in awe;
some glad, some jealous, some felt so small,
she stood there
swaying, by the yellow lake.

" lay your light on me ",
she said, " all my life, till we last".
It never died, the love for life
nor the light, that kept her
alive. A promise, kept;
she got one, too, from the
warmth beneath the summer sun.

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