Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solace in Summer

My choice of fossil words : ' Eke out ' and ' the days of yore '. For reasons of being mildly fossil fetish, I dug the two out from here and snuggled them into my favorite words list. I am yet to decide, if I should go back and adopt  ' loggerheads ' too.

The walls in my head have momentarily become opaque to my own eyes. Yet I realize, it is lately boasting of a lot of re-read O Henry stories and random poetry. The latter brought back distinct memories. Especially because I had used them for recitals in my childhood days.

As for short stories, I am almost gliding midway in The Proof of the Pudding. The days play the role of summer, erasing traces of benign spring. Thus I propose to spend them, sheltered under the solacing words of printed prose. And occasionally, nibble on to a sweet, green grape.

" We may achieve climate,
but weather is
thrust upon us "

- O Henry


AJ said...

Brilliant ! !

You have a very cool, very nice and interesting blog. I liked all the posts that I have read so far. You write pretty well. Would be visiting here once in a while to read more.


lines n shades said...

hi AJ :) thank you . glad to know you like being here. a pleasure to have you visiting my blog.