Monday, April 25, 2011


..holding the seasons of time to be what i see.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scent of memory

traces of white dust
scented the path of
my fate lines.
memories gauged
the days of yore;
the tender white,
pierced by
dimples, welling into
lavender scents.
reality fades to distant
years, in my grasp,
no more.
moments take me back
to places; and I
live in the mind's eye.

( written on 12/4/'11 )

There is always a yardley talc at home. It's English lavender, most of the time. It's not really a cherished favorite of mine, but the scents do instigate memories. From the days of pinafore, of rushing to school till now.


There are words I want to say. But seconds fail to give me that space. I just moved to a new house. A new surrounding. A new beginning, perhaps. But I do wish it doesn't remain ' new ' for long.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Love

It is light-hearted and fun. Also, it is easily possible to lift it through the rest of the night, and reel it again in midnight dreams. I'll probably watch America's Sweethearts, many more times, just for that. There might not be much, as relative to a profound plot; sometimes it is better that way. To leave the mind at ease, and not have to tense with the progress of a climax.

It works for me, especially with the casting of ' Kiki '.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silent eyes

two, red petalled and string-tied
lay upon the bi-weekly
on the doorstep.

"ain't from me";
shook, the paperboy's
head, ash apple cap
over the blonde.

clueless; her thoughts
provoked illation, like
war against

with airs of a lover's
pride, he walked past
her window,

And tipped
the boy in the
apple cap.

Ravishing Ranunculus

Bits of random weekend muse cling on to my mind. And sometimes, moods invite illusions.

So, maybe this weekend, I would sit by a window, on an off-white cushioned recliner. To spend an afternoon, as happy as the ranunculus, with long green stems, contained in yellow porcelain. With an extended backdrop of countryside farms, we both gaze, through the speckless glass pane.

From peonies to ranunculus. They are both irresistable to the eye. If only I was small enough, to curl up between its velvet petal blankets.

Ranunculus is late latin for " little frog ". All Ranunculus species are poisonous when eaten fresh by cattle, horses, and other livestock, but their acrid taste and the blistering of the mouth caused by their poison means they are usually left uneaten.

image source : 1, 2

Thursday, April 7, 2011


for the lemony tinge. tingling. in my grasp. and i. hear whispers. 

slippery bodies. freezing cold. stay symmatrically, afloat. crackling. till they molt. their shape. diluting. the sour sea.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Verse

Touch of Sun

crowded leaves on bough, entwined
wrinkle skinned, rough and dry
grew to seek the scorching sky

while I, beside the branching tree
waited in melancholy
like a restive, unquiet summer bee.

grey, upon my transparent door
knocked in silence, your shadow
oh, how I longed for you to show?

I wrote a song, of you and I,
breathing love in blossom's light,
brighter than the morning tide.