Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Love

It is light-hearted and fun. Also, it is easily possible to lift it through the rest of the night, and reel it again in midnight dreams. I'll probably watch America's Sweethearts, many more times, just for that. There might not be much, as relative to a profound plot; sometimes it is better that way. To leave the mind at ease, and not have to tense with the progress of a climax.

It works for me, especially with the casting of ' Kiki '.


Shrinky said...

I wish, I wish, I wish I could watch a movie through more than once, but I CAN'T, 'cos I already know the plot and how it ends (sigh)..

Karen L said...

This is a great shot of some terrific actors in this movie - Julie, John & Catherine...what's not to like? :) I enjoyed it, too!

lines n shades said...

@Shrinky - :) ha ha...for me too, that is true in a way, for some movies.

@Karen L - yes. that is one splendid cast :)