Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ravishing Ranunculus

Bits of random weekend muse cling on to my mind. And sometimes, moods invite illusions.

So, maybe this weekend, I would sit by a window, on an off-white cushioned recliner. To spend an afternoon, as happy as the ranunculus, with long green stems, contained in yellow porcelain. With an extended backdrop of countryside farms, we both gaze, through the speckless glass pane.

From peonies to ranunculus. They are both irresistable to the eye. If only I was small enough, to curl up between its velvet petal blankets.

Ranunculus is late latin for " little frog ". All Ranunculus species are poisonous when eaten fresh by cattle, horses, and other livestock, but their acrid taste and the blistering of the mouth caused by their poison means they are usually left uneaten.

image source : 1, 2


juliet said...

I enjoyed your description and photos of a flower that I've always loved too. Thank you.

erin said...

mmmm~ if it were only possible for that cool touch of the flower, the multifold, to save us somehow.


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Wonderful post! Thank you for brightening my day!

lines n shades said...

@Juliet - glad you enjoyed it :) be around.

@Erin - it's a deep thought. if only...

@Dr.Kathy McCoy - thankyou for stopping by :)