Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Behind a door

i feel my fingers on the brown metal. pressing against the uneven edge. i have it safe. sealed, beneath tightly gripping fingers. a key. a choice. a reason. a life. i have seen the door. many times before. i lived with it. even in my sleep. i listenned to it, creaking in rainy days. and many times more, like the chorus of a song. i yearned to see. the other side.

not not wait.

i faced, what seemed an infinite lifetime. my heart. my mind. travelling backward. backward? i walked ahead. feigning. i walked ahead. believing.

i see you change.

i felt my fingers on the rusted metal. pressing against the uneven edge. i have it safe. before my eyes. but i stand behind a door. never seen before.


365 Attempts (At Life) said...

This is your loveliest piece. Poignant, haunting and lyrical.

Emily Young said...

love it

Italo said...

Brava, beautiful lyrics.

juliet said...

How mysterious. I wonder what that door might open to? Nice to visit again now that Blogspot is back working again.

finite empathy said...

ah... I like this one.