Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At a distance

there is this distance. sometimes, it's a happy stride. living through a cycle, of ends
and beginnings. at the ends,
each time, it only seems like we are almost there.


to my left, i noticed a glass bowl of walnuts. full of them, and in the distance, each alike.
in the course of my waiting this is
the sight i chose. and in my sight they remained, for long seconds.
each in its own way, hard, whole, contained and at ease in its own skin.


i am finding my view towards a beginning.


Kim said...

Looks like a precious little LadyBug? Is that what it is and is that what you call it too?

Vicki Lane said...

Such beautiful photography! I've been looking through your past posts -- especially liked the bit about your grandfather.

Desiree said...

Great photograph of this little ladybird (that's what we call them in SA).

I enjoy your thought processes. You create some lovely images with your owrds :)