Monday, June 6, 2011

It is hidden everywhere

Beauty, in a way, is an essense of ecstacy. The best part is, to
recognise within, that it can indeed bring a tingle
of happiness and freedom, to
breathe in that silence of admiration. I have always wanted to seal them, between
my palms, and put them in a little glass jar. So I can go back to them,
live them, many times more.

When I was young I used to go around catching dragonflies.
There were quite a lot, some flying in pairs,
some on tips of wild grass, their wings glittering under the summer afternoon sun.
 I barely caught three or four, collected them in a jar
of twigs and leaves. I still remember admiring their tiny legs holding stones.
I let them out a few hours later.

And weekends in summer were spent in the backyard. Walking about within the compound,
sitting under mango trees. I loved to collect things
and make my own games with it. 
Anything from twigs, pebbles and tender leaves; it seems lame now, but
 back then, those were my treasures. 

I remembered those days when I was in my courtyard yesterday afternoon.
And I am figuring out that the only way to look back at such simple sources of happiness
would be to photograph them.
I love it. To find the best of what I see and capture them
as just as possible, it takes time, in the beginning.

I am learning the fact that there is beauty in everything around.
The whole process has become an inspiration
in many different ways.
 I find my personal moments in them. And all I want
is to breathe in the moment.

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Vicki Lane said...

I completely agree! And I love the way close up photography allows us to see the wonders all around us. Your pictures are exquisite!