Thursday, July 14, 2011

Closer, the sky

i live like a river up a hill.

i try to..

 i try to reach; move diaphanously within the perimeter of self;
slide over the precipice of displaced stones, infrequently in displaced course; 
find a way in the deep, dark woods while the moonlight traces my braided path;  
to trust to wish upon a star;
i try to live.. to flow;
 whisper in lover's accent, silently from the heart;
let it through, the light and shower;
to believe the brief of the night;
to know i can never remain, clad in reflections of a cloudy sky;
to flow your breadth, read your depth;
to remain the mirror of the sky till the day, i flow...from your sight.


Desiree said...

This is beautiful. Some really wonderful images!

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What lovely images you weave! This is another absolutely beautiful post!

The Unknowngnome said...

you try to. you do. very nice!

Helena White said...

Enchanting! it!
♥´¯) ¸.♥´¯)
♥ Helena
(¸.♥´ (¸.♥´¸.♥´


Leaves me thoughtful -- thoughtful of the images you evoke about life -- surreal but real -- barbara

Amy Stanley said...

truely inspiring! you are very good at what you do!

Nancy said...

Beautiful, creative writing! So glad to have found your blog.