Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the midst of this calm - Random collection

Walking Through

I dreamt of a walk in the forest one night. 
Two feet of cold skin walked on dismal grey moonlit shadows.
And hence i travelled the constancy of time, believing the truth in the dark.
I lost my way, in thoughts and sights, 
 Till my eyes lay on the 'now'..
Dawn of February summer.

Curiosities of the Heart

This is all like the tropical Wind,
there was never a beginning nor an end,
but now, at this intense depth,
I feel the cold in my swelling heart,

I wish my breathing touched some base,
a base assertive of my being alive.
To know of such existence, 
to plead my guilt in the wake of innocence
that this world I live in..bound me into.

photography by Lines and Shades - taken on 13 Jan 2012


Kim said...

glad you stopped over to my blog...seems like neither one of us has been blogging as readily as we used to. We'll have to get going again. I haven't been inspired much lately, but your photos and prose are giving me some always!♥

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely words and pictures!

ds said...

Beautiful. It is good to know you are back. Alas, we are having a bit of "February summer" here, also...