Friday, December 18, 2015


Wednesday, 16 Dec 15

We spend most of our life searching for fulfillment and completion. We try to reach a destiny that ends this seeking. In the course of time, in the course of this journey, we forget to notice what lies between our past and future.

Sometimes it’s all in the simple things. As simple as what a still mind can imagine. As simple as lessons life reads us through. Maybe it is the same thing we do every day that drowns us inward. Maybe we need to slow down. Stop.

Notice the first rays of sunrise filling the dews on a cobweb. Step out of yourself for a while. Inhale. Feel every breath. Be happy to be able to feel. Notice how the clouds shadow the hills, notice the sound of flapping wings, the silence of kittens in slumber, the innocence of a new born. Make time. Talk to the old. Look into their eyes and hold the moment. Feel what you see.

There is always a song that you can go back to. There is always someone in this lifetime you can connect the song with, anytime and place. Observe. Smile. Connect. Feel. Live. It is already here, in this period called lifetime.

It is the little things that define this happiness; and happiness has no form. It is what we feel. It is a result of love. Our love for what we become close to. You find it in others, in you, in the deepest meaning of this living. Start with you. Be present.

Be aware that beneath every layer of aggression and ego, there is still an element so pure and genuine - the core. Dare to connect to that element of life. Dare to connect within. Dare to reach out.

The winged, the wild, the vagabonds; we are all in here together, because one knows something the other doesn’t. Live this journey; till the restless winds hold us together; till we remain bound to this lifetime; till that day when all we become is a memory.

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